WutoWu #118: A Reflection on School

Hi C and J,

Sorry for the late post but school has been pretty crazy lately. However, high school swim season is over now, and I am back in early morning PE.

As I gasped for air after running for the first time in months, I realized how normal high school has become for me. It’s the same routine for 5 days before the weekend, where I proceed to do absolutely nothing. Every morning, my alarm goes off at 6:15 and I don’t wake up until it stops beeping loudly. Then I wake up after realizing I have to get to school on time. Very rarely do I look at the passing scenery as I sprint to school on my bike, the well-manicured lawns and multi-million dollar homes a pretty blur before I arrive at school. As I progress through the day, multiple people pass through my consciousness as I converse lightly throughout the day, and then continue on with my school day.

Throughout the day, I don’t really stop to marvel at the fact that I’ve grown accustomed to the sarcastic, angst-y world of high school, with witty jokes being tossed into the air, or people buzzing around on their motorized desks or skateboards. It’s as if I’ve become part of my school, as if I were one of those posters plastered by water fountains and in the bathroom stall to look at while you wait in line during lunch.

In a way, I’m glad that I’ve managed to assimilate so well into high school, but I’m sad that I’ll never have the chance to experience the feelings of being absolutely terrified to realize that I was walking by a senior that is 6’7″ and looks like an NBA player and realizing that I am in the same world as they are.

Entering high school is definitely a unique experience because the changes that occur over the next 4 years are so rapid and vital to who you’ll be for the next for years, and somehow, at the end of 4 tumultuous years, you’ve gone from a scared middle schooler to a seemingly confident, prepared young adult who thinks that they’re ready for the world. Maybe you are, but most likely not. However, I hope to enjoy the next four years and see what high school has in store for me.


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