WuToWu #117: A return to music

Dear C and E,

I hope spring is treating you well! Unfortunately, Boston didn’t seem to get the memo as it has snowed several times in April. Despite this, there are signs of spring everywhere from the sounds of frogs down by the lake to patches of bright blue flowers which refuse to stop blooming despite the snow.

As midterm season hit this past week, I’ve made a long awaited return to one of my favorite stress relieving activity: music. I had bought a book of Chopin waltzes back in December in the hope that I would get back into playing piano.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve worked on making time for an hour every couple days to wander over Jewett which houses many of the artsy departments here at Wellesley. I’ve found the art and music libraries to be little study place gems which I hide out in during finals season. However, I’ve finally made use of the practice rooms.

These rooms are outfitted with a piano (or two) and soundproof-ish walls (thank goodness). I think the biggest difference between playing piano at home and here at college is that I am much more appreciative of the time I have to play. It also helps that I know no one else is listening to me plunk my way through a song. There’s also a part that’s rather frustrating struggling through songs that I used to know very well and watching my fingers fumble their way through familiar passages but it’s also reassuring to know that I can get back to that level of finesse with enough practice.

Last week, there was a day where I had a free evening so after dinner I sat down to play for a little bit. I ended up leaving Jewett around midnight having lost track of time. Somehow time seems to pass faster when you are doing things you love.


One thought on “WuToWu #117: A return to music

  1. Thanks for writing about this return to music, J! This brought me back to my own first year’s hunt for a sound-proof (yes, thank goodness, indeed!) unit in which to work out the stresses of life in solitude. What a gift those timeless moments were! So glad that you have access to that gift too. G-G

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