WutoWu #107: Winter Dreams

Dear J and C,

Today, I had the pleasure of singing in my choir’s annual winter concert. This year the concert was appropriately named “Winter Dreams” as it signifies the beginning of my dreams of how to survive the remainder of the semester and the realization that freshman year is half way over.

So I decided to compile a list of “dreams” I want to attain before the end of 2017:

  • Survive my first “actual” finals, because as J told me, “Middle school finals don’t COUNT”.
  • Survive my first play in a day, because as J told me, “You’ve never done Play in a Day before.”
  • Actually get a blog post out. Because we all know that that hasn’t happened. Ever.
  • Realize that high school is going to be a long, painful journey because I still think freshman year is difficult.

I also am proud of some of my accomplishments, and so i confess, yes, this is a #humblebrag because why not. It’s the end of 2017 and probably one of the last WutoWu posts before 2018.

  • I am so proud of our group coordination to give an instapot slow cooker to mom.
  • I am also proud of my newfound ability to stand up for hours on end in converse, high heels, and boots. These are obstacles and difficulties compared to my nice, comfy Nikes.
  • And finally, I am proud of how we’ve made it through all the rough transitions made this year. While it wasn’t easy all the time, they were definitely important.



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