WuToWu #97: A week of Lasts

I realize that this blog is not meant to be a self indulgent, but I’m going to use it that way today. Here are a some Firsts and Lasts  for the sake of posterity.

Last AP Test: I know there are plenty of tests ahead of me, but I’m proud to say that I’ll never have another AP, SAT, or ACT ever again. Goodbye waiting to unwrap test materials!

Last high school swim meet: While I can’t call myself a “swammer” yet, it was with a bit of sadness that I swam my last meet. Of course, being myself, it didn’t go off without a hitch. I ended up spending that morning/early afternoon knocked out by a potent amount of benadryl after a barista put possibly hazelnut syrup into my drink. Nevertheless, I woke up 4 hours later, and made my way to the pool where I swam a respectable time.

First time being honored at church: You know I’m not big on being in the spotlight. I managed to be talked about, prayed for, and given a giant bible without making eye contact with the congregation. I count that as a win.

First time cutting school: This is probably very telling that it’s taken me 12 years to actually cut school. My friends and I decided to take the Cal Train up to San Francisco and ended up wandering around Japan Town. I bought some cute food stickers and erasable highlighters and then had to restrain myself from buying too much other stuff. I somehow fell into the role of navigator and manage to get us there and back in roughly the same shape.

I still have a lot more Lasts coming these next two weeks and even more Firsts as well.

See you soon,



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