WuToWu #92: Welcome to the East Coast

Hi Jessica,

Congratulations! I’m excited to welcome you (back) to the East Coast, home of the four seasons. There’s a lot to explore out here: world class orchestras and art museums, lots of stage productions, countless burger and burrito joints, a beautiful public library, the Common, the Public Garden, and even a cemetery. I know a certain family member would like to keep you at home, but I thought I would start your welcome a bit early.

When I go back a few years in my memory, to when I was in your shoes – second semester senior, in between college decisions and high school graduation – one of the most distinct sensations I recall is how slowly that time went by. It wasn’t an agonizing slowness; instead, I enjoyed taking the time to reflect on the past four years of school. College was still abstract enough that I couldn’t look ahead to it without considering all that I still had to do: Senior Showcase, Baccalaureate, Graduation, a choral tour to Spain, Body of Water, and a family reunion in Chicago (you could probably just look through my blog to get through that list).

Now, I expect your experience will be different from mine. We chose pretty different paths through high school, and I’m grateful that I get to vicariously experience that through your descriptions. However, you also get to vicariously experience college, the positives and the negatives, through me. Right now, it’s good for me to remember what a privilege it is to go to college, to study a subject I enjoy and in which I find meaning.

Therefore, I hope when you read my gripes and hear the tiredness in my writing, about papers and applications and events that I get to do, you will take them with a grain of salt. College was, and continues to be, a blessing.


P.S. I cannot beelieve that hive been subjected to a Bee Movie blog post.


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