WuToWu #91: The Bee Movie

Hi Curtis!

Today I watched a movie I have not seen in a long time. And in the time it was released I am first saw it, and now, it has become something of an internet meme. Yes, today I watched the Bee Movie.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure I enjoyed this movie as an 8 year old. As an 18 year old? Yes, but for slightly different reasons. First some background info for refresher since I’m assuming you don’t spend your time re-watching old 2007 Dreamworks movies made by Jerry Seinfeld. So Seinfeld voices the main character, Barry Bee Benson, who is a bee who is looking to sue to human race for stealing honey from bees. With the help of a female human (which he has questionable romantic conversations with), he succeeds in suing and getting honey returned to hives. However, in stopping honey production, and thus pollen transfer on other plants, he realizes that this has stopped plant production as well. In a last ditch attempt to stop the world from starving (even though the movie takes place in New York and never shows anywhere but New York), he and the woman steals a rose parade float and use the flowers to miraculous re-pollinate all of central part within seconds.

The movie is distinctly Seinfeld, full of random non-requiters which lend themselves to be incredibly quotable. A few of my favorites:

  • “Think bee!”
  • “Bee-man” “A-men” “Hallelujah!”
  • “The sweater is Ralph Lauren and I have no pants” (If I may point out something here, Barry does a “pull up pants” motion multiple times during the movie)
  • “Ya like jazz”

There’s also lots of poignant social commentary and a reminder that bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem is always welcomed.

Ok, on to the memes. If you explore youtube, there’s an entire section devoted to different cuts of the film. They often follow the title script of “The bee movie but _________” my favorite being “The bee movie but without the bees”.

There’s also the supporting humans with Ken, the supposed antagonist but who is also the only reasonable human albeit with anger management issues, and Vanessa, a florist with a soft spot of bees. These two have not been without their own memes, primarily of Ken with a makeshift flame thrower and Vanessa in a suggestive pose looking at Barry.

I guess I’m still a little confused on why this movie has even become so internet famous in the first place. Perhaps it’s the mix of the time and the strangeness of the movie. Perhaps it’s the escape that we’re all looking for, to find a world where the weirdest thing is a bee suing the human race and nothing more.

So if you ever find yourself with some time to spare, and a want to laugh/be confused, the bee movie is the way to go.



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