WuToWu #89: Perhaps I should re-read 1984

Hi Curtis!

I hope you are doing well. The past two weeks have been a contentious time in American history. There’s been an inauguration and marches around the world in protest to said inauguration. The new white house secretary has come out announcing flagrant lies under the official white house name.

Throughout it all, I’ve had the same thought running through my head: “Do not become used to this.” The unfortunate part of being human is that we are good at adapting. We can take new information and meld it into our perception of the world. This also means that we are also open to normalizing Trump’s actions. I must remind myself to stay angry, to not become complacent, to not become apathetic to the actions of our government. Outrage fatigue is real, so real.

While I disagree with just about all of Trump’s actions and nominees, I am also wary of those who dismiss him as simply a wayward hack who has somehow worked his way into the white house. Rather, he knows what he’s doing. His twitter feed has ballooned in followers, his SCOTUS nominee was on prime time TV, and every little utterance he makes is given press time.

This brings me to the media. It’s been an uncomfortable time realizing that the news must now be taken with a grain of salt. I did a double take the first time I watched Mr. Spicer’s first news report as white house press secretary. Hearing the lies being told juxtaposed with the official setting of the government seemed to signal that the news can no longer be trusted. And if the government is not truthful, can its people really trust it?

Perhaps it is hard for me to truly grasp the scope of what is happening because I’m only 18 and Obama has been the only president whose actions I was truly able to understand. At the same time, I’m 18. I can vote. I have a whole life ahead of me in this country. I want to see it succeed.



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