WuToWu #85: Warm drinks, cold hands

Hi Curtis!

I’d just like to stay that finals are upon us. THEY ARE HERE. I really enjoyed reading about your urge to build a fire. While I don’t know if you’ll have the chance to do that while you’re home since California is getting drier as we speak, I look forward to hearing about escapades.

It’s started to get cold this past week (California cold not Boston cold) which has spurred me to think a lot about my choice of drink. For 3/4 of the year, I can get by drinking¬†some sort of chilled liquid but alas, it’s gotten to cold to do that. (And by that I mean it’s dipped into the mid 50s).

I’m not really sure what’s so comforting about hot drinks in the cold. I mean besides the obvious that there’s something cool about taking a sip and the visceral feeling of being warmed from the inside out. Perhaps it’s the act of bringing people together. There’s the boiling of the kettle, the grind of the beans or the bags of tea leaves, there’s collaboration in creating something that is enjoyed by all.

And of course in our house, it’s rare that there isn’t hot water waiting to be poured or the sound of the electric kettle burbling away. (On a tangent, the sound of the kettle right before it turns off when it’s bubbling the most is one of my favorite sounds.) I’m not sure if our parents meant it or not but when you search for a tea bag, you’re assaulted by the scents of about 15 various teas. There’s fruity ones, more classic English breakfast teas, and random Lipton teas taken from hotels across the country.

Facing these choices causes one to really choose. Sometimes I go for a comforting English breakfast other times I’m more adventurous. And maybe some extreme tea-lovers will hate me for saying this, but really the most comforting part isn’t the flavor or picking out which one from the tea closet but rather the pouring of the water and the swirl of the leaves. The warmth blossoms through the cup and comforts your hands and there’s that period of time where you can’t really drink it without burning your mouth but that doesn’t matter because it’s almost better to just hold the mug.

Perhaps it’s the added sugar/caffeine to help boost our brains during the dark winter nights or the inevitable holiday cheer that comes with having peppermint/gingerbread/cinnamon flavored drinks. And maybe, just maybe I’m especially susceptible to it all with my still developing brain and habitually cold hands.

This semester is almost over and you know I’m going to need something to nervously sip while waiting for colleges to send me letters. There going to be a need for liquid comfort this break. And I’m ready to drink so much tea.




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