WuToWu #83: Liberal Elitism

Hi Curtis!

I’ve had a bit of trouble over writing about this topic. On one hand, I feel that I’ve read to much and talked it over with so many people that I am very tired of talking about the election. On the other hand, I feel it would be unfair to continue on without addressing the changing state of our nation. So here it goes.

I think I bought into it. The echo chamber, the elitism, the unabashed hope that I would be leaving the nest under the presidency of Hillary Clinton. Even just looking at my last few posts it’s easy to see where I built myself a cocoon. Most of my news sources are decidedly liberal and barring the few Fox news posts that show up on my Facebook feed, I rarely saw any pieces that said anything I didn’t agree with.

But here we are, two weeks later and the world still turns. Of course, there’s  been no shortage of pieces criticizing or praising the President-elect. The so called “Hamilton Feud”, his assets not being placed in a blind-trust, the absolutely horrible things he said to immigrants, Muslims, women, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community (though that’s mainly Pence’s trouble area), and people of color among others has left many feeling worried for their own futures.

Stepping back, even as a female person of color I have to recognize that I have a lot of privilege. I know that our parents can help me with any health issues, so I don’t have to worry about Obamacare being cut. I am a legal citizen and many of our relatives came to America through legal means so I don’t have to worry about loved ones being deported.

In all honesty, my biggest fear is workplace harassment. It’s no secret that the president-elect does not hold women in high respect. From his absolutely derogatory belief that he can “grab them by the pussy” to his own son saying women who are harassed should find another job, I do not believe that work harassment will progress while he is president.

Alright enough about me. Regardless of how I felt, it’s obvious that there is a large part of America that disagrees with me. I think this also reveals something about the privilege that I’ve had growing up. I have never gone hungry. I have never had to worry about where I was going to sleep that night. It’s quite clear that the upbringing I’ve had is extremely different than the one someone who is the child of a farmer in Kansas has. But I wish I could talk to them so I could get a better grasp on why people turned to him. Perhaps it’s because I have had so little struggles that I’m allowed to see whitewashing or work place harassment as something huge instead of facing homelessness or worrying about if I am able to pay for medical care. I believe we can do both at the same time.

I guess this is where liberal elitism comes into play. Between the media painting all trump supporters as racist, homophobic, misogynists and many of his actions that I believed would cost him the race, I found it very easy to become snobby. And I really don’t believe that all of his supporters are this way. I don’t. I do believe however, that there are some. And these few, with the encouragement of the outcome of the election will feel justified. There are the people that need to be stopped besides being told “Stop it.”

I do believe that there are issues not based in hatred for others that the government isn’t addressing. And perhaps this was their last chance. Their last attempt to get the mainstream media to pay attention to them. I don’t think they need pity. I think they need understanding and empathy from the rest of the nation. I think many people forget that there is no “other” in the situation. There are people here and there are people over there. There is no one that needs to be dehumanized to the point of “other” no matter what the media may say.

I guess in all my blabbering, here’s all that wanted to say. I’m disappointed by the outcome and many of the actions and people that the president-elect is putting into positions of power. But I’m not giving up. I hope that the others like me, the ones that holed themselves up in self righteous liberalism elitism will start to look at why this happened. I hope that people continue to fight and call him out when he makes bad choices. But this is our country and I’m going to be here for the next 70 years so let’s not give up so fast.



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