WuToWu Summer Edition #8: Olympics Edition

Hi Curtis,


I’m not sure if our grandparents house is capable of getting coverage of the Olympics, but this is the one time every four years that out TV is actually on. Another thing that comes with the Olympics is how it marks time. Four years ago during the London Olympics I was 13 years old-getting ready to enter high school. I still wore glasses on the reg, only had one pair of piercings, and I had a deep love for all things John Green.

Watching the Olympics seems to always bring up a lot of emotions. It’s always a unique thing when you can feel pride in incredulously talented people representing a nation you  live in. Sure America has a few issues (ok, a lot) but if there’s one thing that Americans seem to do really well it’s the summer Olympics.(Here’s to hoping for a LA Games 2024)

I didn’t get to catch all of the Opening Ceremony but I did have a few thoughts. 1) Gisele Bunchen is very pretty but that was a long time to watch her walk. Pretty dress though. 2) The commentators during the Parade of Nations need to do some research so they can introduce nations and give some information besides making jokes about the countries name (ahem, Jibouti). 3) Blazers seem to be everywhere. Australia vs the US looks like two prep schools going at it.

Now onto the actual sports.

Watching swimming is always a favorite for our family. And sure we didn’t get into swimming until 2008 roughly around the same time that Michael Phelps brought the rest of the world’s attention to it as well, but there’s nothing quite like coming home from your own waterlogged practice and watching other people move like otters through the water.  Maybe it’s the fact that both Emma and I have swam these events and are living out our own fantasies through these athletes, but I think it has something to do with something to do with knowing just how hard it is while they make it look so easy.

Another favorite? Gymnastics. And of course unique to the sport is the ability to make you feel like an underachiever after seeing 16-year-olds flip and twirl their way to international glory as you snack on ice cream in sweatpants. Really though, I absolutely love to watch people my age dazzle the competition.

Three’s a crowd so for my last pick of fun sports to watch: Volleyball. I’ve only been able to catch the indoor teem events but I’m also These athletes always make for a fun instagram pic next to the gymnasts but there is something really satisfying about listening to the “thunk, thunk, smack” rhythm.

So here I am. A week away from starting my senior year of high school. Who knows where I’ll be when watching the 2020 games?

Aspen Ash.


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