WuToWu Summer Edition #6: I can’t feel my eyes and other stupid things I said

Hi Curtis!

As you might have known from the brief facetime I attempted to the garbly poetry I sent you, I got my wisdom teeth out. And while I don’t remember trying to facetime you, I do remember the nurse telling me that I cannot talk since my mouth was still bleeding and I looked something like a walrus. (Ok so they didn’t say that but I have photographic evidence that  proves my point.)

Some fun things that come with wisdom teeth removal (as for once in my life I have done something before you) like eating Jamba juice with a spoon through the tiny opening that is your mouth for a week. Mom bought a ton of pudding, tapioca, and applesauce of which I subsisted off of for the first 24 hours.

Of course, pain is mitigated by a cocktail of painkillers and antibiotics. They may look innocent but swallow fast cause they have a nasty aftertaste.

Oh, another fun thing is the allowance to be an absolute lazy slob and get away with it. Mom just figured out how to hook the Netflix to the TV and let me tell you, I am becoming cultured.

This is when our blog turns into “Jessica’s take on media she should have already seen by now”:

Jurassic Park (original and Lost World): Good movies, good plots, dinosaurs are fun AND scary.

Clueless: It’s a little scary that most of the fashion in the movie can be found at the nearest urban outfitters. but I enjoyed the story line even though Paul Rudd has not aged a day since it was made. That reminds me, I need to see Ant Man.

Harry Potter (1, 7.1, 7.2) Ok, it’s not my first time seeing the first movie, but I actually haven’t seen either of the sevenths before. The first one drags a bit just since it literally covers just the ascent of the story (got to follow story structures) but watching Daniel Radcliffe in age makeup was interesting.

Is it bad that I’m ready for you to come back and get yours out? Maybe.

Abbaye de Citeaux.



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