WuToWu #70: Invalidated AP exams and You’re coming home

Hi Curtis,

I greatly enjoyed your adventures of cleaning up various parts of Harvard even though it seems to be the only thing to have spurred you to exercise this past semester. And yes because you have been late I have your punishment: To buy me pmt at least once while you are here. I know this doesn’t really relate to the blog but I’m going to make it this anyways.

Anyways, while you were cleaning the insides of dorm rooms, lots of stuff was happening at home. Gunn messed up their AP testing causing many students and parents to become mad at the (seemingly) incompetent staff that administrated the test.

As someone within the district but who doesn’t have to retake AP tests, I have a few thoughts on this.First, extreme relief in that I don’t have to try and cram all the presidents back into my head. Second, how is it possible that this is coming up now? It’s not like this is the first time that this school is administrating this kind of exam. Heck, I took my SAT and SAT subject tests there and everything went smoothly.

I do feel extremely bad for the students at Gunn since I know that I was a nervous wreck studying for mine and that it’s extremely upsetting knowing that all that effort would not be accounted for. And when the naysayers say” But can’t you just do it again?” I say, “How bout no.” Because of the timing and well the general dump caused by short term memory, it’s honestly very unfair for all the students grades to be invalidated.

Of course, there is a valid reason for the tests to be invalidated. Students sat much too close together and did this allow for the possibility of cheating? Yes. But this issue does not sit on the students but the teachers who proctored the exam.

Retakes were scheduled for the week before finals, which for many students and teachers, put a bit of a hitch in their schedules as now students found themselves with a lot more work and stress and teachers had to deal with classes full of unhappy students.

At the last board meeting there was a sit in by many upperclassmen who were effected by this change. While the board issued an apology and apparently also offered ice cream, I can only hope that this even will not repeat itself next year.

Alright, enough about the drama here. I hope our cousin’s graduation was fun and you had fun there. Now it’s time to come home. I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to quantify how happy I am that junior year is over. So that’s right: I’m going to be a senior is just a few short days. How about that?

Pecorino Romano.


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