WuToWu #68: The one where I swim

Hi Curtis,

It almost seems ironic as while your last post detailed the care and keeping of your plant and today mother gave me the empty pot of a plant i was given for my birthday.

So this past week, my swim season finally came to an end: CCS happened on Friday and Saturday. Here’s how it went down.

The Santa Clara Aquatic Center is unarguably a fast pool. I mean, Olympic swimmers have swam there. (Freaks out in head). It’s also really large so they were able to run a men’s side and a women’s side which was a big plus since there were so many swimmers.

Another things was that since it’s a championship meet, people were suited to the nines. On a tangent, there’s this really awful thing where some women’s tech suits are in the upper regions of 500$ while most men’s are 200$. And yes obviously women’s suits use more material but this is an outrage. Ok, moving on.

Warm-up is a nightmare just like any other pool. Super crowded lanes, swimming about half a lap before having to awkwardly tread into the wall, it’s a good time. There’s also a lot of fun foot touching, and dodging people flipping. At first it’s a bit jarring but once you get used to it, it’s almost comforting. Like a “we’re all in this together” sardine kinda situation.

And then there’s the putting on the suit part of the race. As some say, there’s half the battle right there. Since you’ve never had the honor of putting one on, I’ll give you the low down. It usually starts with the false hope that comes as the legs slide up all the ways to the knees. And then when it gets stuck at the knees, there goes the hope. Then comes the fun part where you slowly move it up over your quads as you feel the suit slowly squeeze your legs like a boa constrictor. The hips are probably the worst but this is where friends come in handy. Thank them before hand and make sure they know that therapy is always an option afterwards. I’ve broken a sweat every single time. It truly is a workout by itself.

The race? It happened. Having tapered to qualify for the meet, I didn’t have too many hopes for the meet. But more than that, it was a great way to end the season.

If you want to see the actual important parts of the meets here’s where you can find more out here: http://www.fastlanetek.com/swmeets/2016_05_13_CCS/

Allgauer Emmentaler.




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