WuToWu #64: People grow up, whodathunk?

Hi Curtis,

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about your adventures in the South. I have noticed the trend of the description of meals and a constant rushing from place to place. I guess you’ll have to tell me if this is an accurate take away.

It feels like I constantly talk about swimming but I’d like to think that I spend an accurate amount of thought for something that I dedicate so much time to.

I had a swim meet yesterday against another local high school and I was talking to one of my friends when she brought up the point that we had known each other since childhood. It’s strange to think about friendships like that.

We met on a swim team 8 years ago while still in elementary school. And friendships at that level are just like that. A common interest, usually some activity so your parents can get a minute of quiet time, and suddenly you have 20 new friends.

And then people grow up: we hit middle school and we move through the different groups, spending more time doing homework and in the pool. There’s new issues that show up but there’s still a sense of familiarity.

And now I’m in high school and she’ll be heading off to college next year. We’re most definitely not the same people that first met 8 years ago on that pool deck but it doesn’t feel like there has been that many changes. There’s the same sense of camaraderie and type of humor.

I distinctly remember crying in the bathroom after a practice soon after we moved here. The coach had critiqued my stroke in front of the entire group and being the slowest this made me extremely embaressed. Mom asked me if I wanted to keep swimming, and I’m incredibly glad that I said yes.

These are the kinds of things that i try to think about on those early morning workouts, when the bed is much warmer that the bike ride to the weight room and on those times where I’m frustrated with the time on the stop watch. But it’s easy to push off the wall again when I realized that I’m surrounded my some of my best friends and that we’ve all be thrown together by a simple sport.



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