Sophomore Spring Tour: Day 3

Sunday morning started with dressing in semi-formal and eating brunch with our hosts at a restaurant right next to the light rail. As we ate, I realized how little noise the light rail makes. The T rattles and buzzes and squeaks, but the light rail hums softly, emitting periodic beeps when it arrives at the station. The light rail is a recent development in the Phoenix area, and I was surprised by how futuristic it seemed in contrast to Boston’s public transportation.

Phoenix is constantly growing. There’s construction all over the place, and new technology being applied in interesting ways. Our hosts’ son took us to the Science Center’s MakerSpace, where he works as an intern. There are 3D printers, Laser Engravers, and a myriad of other cool tools, and I saw a 3D printed Yoda, and a DNA strand constructed out of cardboard.


The Camelback Sanctuary

In the afternoon, we drove to Camelback Bible Church, where the service was just getting out. After saying our goodbyes to our hosts, we rehearsed for our concert at 3:00 PM. The church is outfitted with an organ, which gave us the opportunity to perform Durufle’s “Messe Cum Jubilo,” which is an amazing 20th century setting of medieval sacred chants. While it’s a beautiful piece, it’s also very tiring for the voice. It is written for unison men’s choir, and organ, and it stretches pretty high into the upper part of the voice. It also has tricky melodic and rhythmic motifs. Nevertheless, the Glee Club, with the assistance of the church’s acoustics, pulled off a pretty nice performance.

After the concert, another set of hosts picked us up and drove us to South Mountain to watch the sunset. We arrived at the lookout point just as the last bit of the sun was dipping below the horizon, and the light cast upon the clouds gave us some beautiful colors. It had cooled down a bit by that time, and the breeze on top of the mountain helped too. I enjoyed clambering up the hill and feeling the rock beneath my feet; with the city spread out below me and the glowing sky, I was quite content. After the sun had gone down, Phoenix lit up for the night, which was cool in its own way. We ate a hefty dinner consisting of lasagna, bread, salad, and tea when we got back to our hosts’ house. Before I went to sleep for the night, I wrote a little bit and set my alarm for 6:30, because we would be leaving early the next morning for Santa Fe.

IMG_2001 IMG_2005


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