WuToWu #62:The Dawn of the new SAT

Hi Curtis!

Sorry for the long break, school/swimming/Standardized Tests followed me into a dark alley this past week but now I am finally free!

So as you know, I took the SAT for the first time this Saturday. As this was the first time the “newly renovated” SAT was being administered, everyone that I talked to was a little unsure about specifics. I will try to break down differences for you:

  • As opposed to the breaks every 2 25 minute section, there were three breaks: 10 min after the longest section, a 5 min break after two more shorter (40-50 min) sections, and a 2 min “stretch break” before the essay. I’m pretty sure that overall this means there were less breaks in the newer version.
  • The optional essay is not a factor of the total score so this has signaled the return to the 1600 scale. This has made it a bit of struggle when trying to place scores especially on those hour long sessions where I look at the average scores of colleges and try and figure out how to scale them appropriately.
  • As the English section is less of a factor on the score in the new SAT this means that the math section is a heavier influence. (And you can imagine the frustration that that brings to me)

Never mind that now, it’s over and thus starts the two month period where I try to forget about it but if I’m going to be honest I really don’t think I’m going to.

I enjoyed reading about a day in the life of a college student as I am currently in the depths of junior year. It’s like seeing a glimpse into a heaven that does not involve acronyms. I do hope that I will be able to explore some of the sights (I’m less sure about the food) when i come to visit!

And yes, I am VERY late so I await your challenge.



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