WuToWu #58: Blackfish

Hi Curtis,

It’s been slightly over a week since you’ve left, and I”m finally settling back into the rhythm of school. This of course was impeded a little bit when our parents got sick-the most likely culprit? That dinner that I (luckily) declined to go to.

Ah, well now our parents have regained their strength after a tumultuous 48 hours. What next?

I recently watched “Blackfish” which means, yes, I am a little behind on media but was still very interesting to watch. The movie is a documentary where they interview former Seaworld employees among others about several incidents with killer whales and the main issue of what are the ethics of holding animals of this size in tanks much to small for them just for entertainment purposes.

I don’t remember if you’ve seen it or not, but if not I definitely recommend it. It’s quite stressful to watch especially in the more bloody scenes. There’s a bit of foreshadowing and you can feel that something terrible is going to happen.

I’ve tried to think of if we ever went to Seaworld. I’m not positive but I feel like we might have, once or twice. Besides these foggy memories, the only other thing that stands out to me is mom’s stuffed Orca with the weird fur that wasn’t quite as soft as all the other stuffed animals.

Anyways, I hope you are settling back into whatever the routine is for a college student and if you find the time, you can also watch the movie.



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