The Terrible Twos

Happy New Year, everybody, and Happy Birthday to Mostly Useful Musings.

It’s starting to become a tradition for me to write a “state of the blog” post on New Year’s Day, albeit a tradition that has only existed for three years. The previous two can be found here (2015) and here (2014).

Following the pattern of the other posts, I will be making a New Year’s resolution before diving into the specifics of the blog. This year, I will be avoiding social media on Sundays! I will be filling my time with more reading and writing, which will hopefully allow for more self-reflection.

On to the blog! In the past year, WuToWu has become the primary column of this blog, and I’m grateful to theangstystagehand for her many contributions to this blog. WuToWu continues to slowly transform in style and subject matter. These changes are intentional; in an attempt to downplay the self-absorption that blogs tend to encourage, I’ve tried to use more third-person and reserve the first-person for times when its use is unavoidable. I’m encouraged by the direction WuToWu is going, and I look forward to many more interesting musings from that discussion.

However, I am aware that this blog was originally started as a solo venture, and I will have more than just WuToWu posts in the coming year. In particular, I want to focus on the idea of “musings.” My tangible journal has largely replaced this blog as the receptacle of my musings, but I still think this can be a space in which musings can be publicly displayed. Obviously, some thoughts ought to remain private, but there are also those which I should have the confidence to state or debate publicly. I’m afraid that I have yet to come up with a way to categorize such thoughts, but hopefully a category will naturally present itself after some more posts.

Looking back on the goals I set for myself at the beginning of last year, I realized that I failed to include much fiction on my blog. Although I wrote more fiction last year, very little of it ended up on the Internet. I’m not too disappointed by this; the act of writing is the main thing, and as long as I am writing I don’t mind a sparse website. Therefore, there will not be a lot of fiction posted in the upcoming year, but I many choose to put certain pieces up based on arbitrary criteria that I will set some time later on.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the fact that this blog has made it this far, and I look forward to seeing how it will develop in the coming year!



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