WuToWu #56:On the cliff of change

Hi Curtis,

Ah the return of school after Thanksgiving break is always accompanied by one thing: the realization that finals are right around the corner.

And while I enjoy a soul-crushing feeling as much as everyone else, I’ve been doing my best to be like Spongebob and become well, a sponge.

Anyways, one of the big things that I’ve been learning about is change. In history, the first semester has taken us up to the civil war. While I’ve learned about the civil war before, you gain a new perspective when you’ve also learned in depth about all the events that led up to it.

And here is the part where I attempt to make Mr. B proud. An extremely simplified and shorten version of the events that led up to the civil war.

  1. 1619-With the arrival of the first shipment of slavery in the colonies, this sets the unfortunate foundation for a society based on slavery for the coming centuries.
  2. 1793-Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin. This machine was suppose to decrease slavery as it was much faster than sorting cotton by hand.
  3. 1820-The Missouri Compromise which abolishes slavery from all states above Missouri, which increased sectionalism between the North and South.
  4. 1832-South Carolina threatens to secede. Dun, dun dun! Jackson puts an end to this but not before the South passes…
  5. 1836-Gag Resolution which tabled all anti-slave appeals until 1844
  6. 1845-US annexes Texas
  7. 1850-Compromise of 1850 + Fugitive Slave Law. Plus de conflict, plus de sectionalism.
  8. 1857-Dred Scott decision which listed slaves as personal property and allowed people to bring slaves into free states, angered the North.
  9. 1860-Lincoln wins presidency and like oil and water, South Carolina again leads the charge in secession.
  10. 1861-Bull Run/Manassas Junction where spectators from nearby Washington come to watch the first of many battles, unaware that in four short years over half a million men would lose their lives.

Alright, so besides showing off my fledgling abilities at retaining historic facts, I’m sure your wondering what the connection is to life. Reading about how in retrospect it’s very easy to find connections and wonder how these people didn’t see these events coming, I’ve taken an interest in wondering what the effects of the small things I do each day are going to contribute to in the future. Especially with the new year coming, I’m looking forward to the changes ahead.



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