WuToWu #54: Words Out Loud

Hi Curtis,

It would just like to express how much of a joy it is to hear about the shenanigans you get into in Boston.

I’ve been listening to a lot of spoken word lately in my free time. I’ve found some at Button Poetry on youtube.

I think what really drew me to this was our short story unit in class. We’ve been looking at some poetry as well. We recently looked at E.E. Cumming’s Buffalo Bill’s.  This poem has exceedingly strange structure and with its sparse wording, it lead to an exciting discussion. But yet the biggest thing came from “How is one supposed to say this?”

And that’s my favorite part of spoken word. To clear up the confusion of spaces on a page and the added nuances that the speaker brings. The hand motions, the cadence of the voice, the energy brought brings a new life to these poems.

There’s a wide variety from social justice to growing up, your mood fluctuates from extreme joy to the depths of sadness. I love the written word but this week, it’s been talking to me.

Brise du matin




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