Wu To Wu # 52: Opening Night

Hi Curtis!

As you know, it’s opening night. It’s been interesting to see various openings from different positions.

Freshman year: I set behind the backdrop trying to do history time from the little stage light that leaked backstage. I waited patiently for my one scene change where I unrolled a rug. I arrived 2 scenes before I was even supposed to be on standby. While not really important to the show, I enjoyed the comadarie that tech brought.

Sophomore Year: Suddenly, I was supposed to know what to do. Countless freshman would ask me questions to which my only response was “I don’t know”. Opening nights were only slightly different in that I was now the one with that nervous freshman clinging to my arm. Being in charge of an area was slightly intimidating but I was proud of the set i had designed and ready for people to see it. The second show that year I was running projections and I faced the struggle of lights in the theater. Oh the battle of sight lines, projector light leaking and the battle of saving battery life made sure that my role had plenty of drama attached.

Junior Year: Ah so here we are. The first show I sat worried in a darken booth watching nervously as people filed into the house. Calling cues and watching it unfold on the stage beneath me was incredibly rewarding. I started losing my voice before the last show which left my unlucky clear-com mates with listening to the remains of my voice for 2 hours.

Tonight is the next opening night. I’ll be backstage with that nervous freshman, battling the stage lights, and hopefully having running a good show.


P.S. Grades before blogs: no punishment. Be Free!


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