WuToWu #50: Greedy Goblins in the Brain

Hi Curtis,

As you know, my sinus has once again raged war against my body. Luckily, I was able to write some while heavily medicated. And thus I bring you a little something I like to call “Greedy Goblins in the Brian”.


When you’re sick, you disappear into a vacuum. The meticulously planned events melt and tests and quizzes morph into paper butterflies before flying away.

When you have a fever, little goblins run ice through your veins and light bonfires on your forehead. Inside, they pound their drums and run up and down your spine until you feel like you’re standing in front of an open window. But of course you can’t smell the sweet morning breeze because they’ve put your nose on lock down and poured nasty stuff down your throat. You try to breathe out of that one nostril that is clear. (Always seems to work that way huh?). The pounding in your head means that sleep evades you, a green light beckoning but never there.

You wake up in a fit, violently throwing off the covers as the air brings quick relief to your burning skin. It seems like the goblins have left at least for now. Possibly to go eat or dozing in an afternoon nap. Nevertheless, you’re grateful for the respite until you feel those chills once more.


I’m very glad that I’m feeling more like myself. I’m also sure that our grandparents are probably glad to leave our house where they can finally stop playing surrogate-nurse.

I look forward to reading your writing on Prague.

Jalapeno Chedder.


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