WuToWu #49: What’s in the Daily News?

Hi Jessica,

I was thinking about giving you the Prague story I wrote for class, but that’s still under revision. So here’s this instead, which is being written so that I can procrastinate even more on my statistics p-set.

In the Harvard Business School library, there is a corner of the stacks where a couple months worth of newspapers are not-so-orderly stacked on the shelves. It is, perhaps, the most depressing corner of the entire library.

There isn’t a lot of happy news printed in The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. There was the one week where Pope Francis was visiting the United States, and for a couple of days the front page had pictures of large crowds clamoring for a glimpse or encounter with the Pope. I guess it would be best described as a “Pope sandwich” (is that sacrilegious?), because on both sides of the newspapers about the Pope are articles and pictures of the Syrian civil war and its refugees, the college campus shooting in Oregon, the deaths of Muslim pilgrims on the Hajj, the flooding of Charleston… It’s a Pope sandwich with really awful pieces of bread and no cheese, either.

There are some rare days when the newspapers set the tone for the day, and there isn’t anything too exciting that happens to make the day any better. But most of the time, the real world is a much happier, more beautiful place than the world that’s described in newspapers. Can you see that?



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