WuToWu #46: Emergency Room, 12 AM

Alright Curtis, it’s story time:

We open on the scene of an innocent red bean moon cake sitting on a plate. A quick zoom in reveals how beautiful and by default delicious it’s going to be.

A quick second later, we jump to a girl eating it while attempting to finish her homework. It’s not going well.

She heads to go shower but suddenly finds herself wheezing. Has she somehow aged super fast? Is this the end?

Yelling to her parents, she enjoys the sounds of sounding like a wheezing grandpa for about .2 nanoseconds.

After deliberating she pops a benadryl and waits for the wonders of science to heal her. It doesn’t.

More deliberation happens. More drastic measures must be taken.

Cut to the next scene, several short glamour shots of an epipen appear. preferably cheesy 70s music plays. Then suddenly it’s all over. (The actual injection has been tastefully removed)

They pile into the car in silence, the cold night making them well…cold.

We hear that stereotypical indie-folk music play talking about lost love because it’s what all the teens are listening to know in days. The girl leans her head nonchalantly on the window which is also cold.

Lights close as the car pulls into the driveway of the ER.

Lights up as we see our lonely heroine sit with her parents in the triage area among the other people that are here at 12 AM for some reason. The TV is playing one of those late-late-late night shows that people that were famous in the 80s are featured on.

The nurse takes her over and asks how she’s doing all while attaching little things to her. The girl can only wonder how she is functioning at now 1 AM. Why is she so happy? It has to be caffeine.

A room! She’s finally in a room! A different nurse quickly attatches more things to our heroine before asking if she wants to watch a movie to pass the time. It is now 2 AM. No our heroine would not like a movie. She would like to sleep.

And so she does. A soft melancholy song would probably pass the time when paired with cheesy clips of her sleeping without drooling.

Suddenly, it’s over. The clock reads 4 AM and she is allowed to leave. In a dazed and slightly confused state, she makes it through the car ride and back into her messy room.



It was a whirlwind. School that next day was, well, interesting.

Before I go, here’s a cartoon to encapsulate allergies:

allergies cartoon

Baron Bigod.


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