WuToWu # 42: The perfect place to take a break

Hello Curtis!

It only seems fair to end a year of blogging on the meaning of life. (Thank you Dad and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) I’m taking a break from studying to bring you the cumulative post (at least until next year). And unlike my cumulative finals at school, this one won’t be that hard.

There have been 43 posts, spanning almost 10 months. Placed into a google doc and after removing all of the spaces, our words have filled 37 pages. (Single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font) We’ve written a rather long short story! Word wise, we’ve collectively written 17,772 words averaging out to 442 words. SO MUCH WRITING.

Moving all the posts together into one document meant that I got to read-or at least browse all of them again. It was nice to recollect all the things that happened this year. This year has not been an easy one by any standard. There’s been lots of talk and hopefully the next few months will bring some change. There’s also been plenty of achievements: you’ve integrated neatly into the Harvard Glee club and the Paly swim team is on a nice winning streak. It seems strange that we’ve been conversing for so long even

Thank you for being my blogging partner this year.

See you tomorrow,



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