WuToWu #41: Taking Advantage

Hi Jessica,

The finish line is in sight! To encourage you, here are some beach pictures:

2015-05-17 16.51.59 2015-05-17 17.15.11 2015-05-21 06.44.33Interestingly, acapella cheese is spelled differently than “a cappella.” It’s funny that two very similar works have completely different meanings.

Thanks for conducting that survey on the two cities. I suppose the cultures of the two cities are very different, so different people would definitely have different responses. Maybe we should do a second study examining the distinguishing demographic characteristics of people who choose one city over the other…I guess we’ll save it for next time.

RUF Summer Conference was great. It’s a ministry which is most heavily concentrated in the Southeast “Bible Belt,” and most of the schools were from states like Texas, Missouri, and Georgia. In addition to providing me with the opportunity to get away from schoolwork and enjoy the sand and the company of my fellow Harvard students, the conference also allowed me to hear from students from other schools. No, they are not all crazy. There are definitely some cultural differences (chivalry being one of the most notable), but we’re all pretty similar. I’m glad I was able to take advantage of that opportunity.

I’ve been told so many times to “take advantage” of the numerous opportunities I’ve been given. I heard it all throughout high school, and the unofficial motto of colleges nationwide is “Don’t miss out on all the opportunities we provide for you!” In the midst of all this encouragement, reciprocating these gifts has not be a high priority. Of course, there are plenty of community service activities to attend, but services lacks the cultural mindset attached to opportunities.

This is particularly problematic in light of Memorial Day. I’m having trouble getting my mind settled enough to comprehend the meaning of the sacrifice that fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and teachers and friends have made for the United States. While the military is a source for personal opportunities, it is also a place for serving others. In particular instances, it has required people to give “the last full measure of devotion.” I want to understand these sacrifices better and commit myself to deliberate service, because I feel like I’m taking a lot and giving a little.

Commencement Choir has the baccalaureate performance in Memorial Church tomorrow. The next couple of days will have a good amount of singing, but I’ve also taken some time to recharge and enjoy the weather.

You’re almost to the halfway point! See you soon.



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