WuToWu #40: Saying Goodbye

Hi Curtis!

Sorry for writing so late. I just got back from the swim team’s banquet that wrapped up a winning SCVAL season for the varsity girls.

This past week has had a lot of saying goodbye. On Saturday, there was senior showcase. As you know, it was filled with many memories, songs, laughter, and a few tears. There was quite a large graduating class and all of them will be missed this up coming season. Likewise, at the banquet all the seniors stated where they were going to school the next fall. I think because I’ve had the chance to spend some quality time with these people that it’s harder to let them go than last year when I didn’t know that many seniors.

Now that I’ve learned the shows for the next year (Shrek/Metamorphosis/Macbeth) I’m quite excited to start designing. Shrek seems like a fun fairy tale style show to do and Metamorphosis has a pool in its set. (A pool!) If everything goes well, I’ll be able to submit my scenic design for Metamorphosis to the State Thespian Festival.

I hope you are chillin’ on the beach down in the south. I’m incredulously jealous that you are done with finals. All my teachers are trying to cram in as much information as they can before finals start. I haven’t forgotten about your task. As for methodically rigorous, I’m not sure. I’ve taken a general poll of my friends. It seems that if one is looking for culture Paris is better, but if one is trying to stay on the forefront of “life”, then New York might been better.

In honor of your love for the glee club, here is my pick of cheese:



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