WuToWu #39: I’m (almost) done!

Hi Jessica!

In a little under 24 hours, I will be done with my freshman year of college! This is wonderful and terrifying, since organic chemistry is the class standing in between me and my summer. I haven’t been doing much else besides studying for finals, so I apologize if this message is a little slim. I also apologize if it is incoherent, as I stayed up late last night to finish my Expos 20 essay.

I finished up a lot of things in the past week. The Cabot House musical closed two Sundays ago. Strike went quickly, but I had to carry a heavy table back to storage, which wasn’t so fun. Glee Club elections and banquet were that same Sunday, and although I made it to elections to vote for our new President, Vice-President, and Secretary, I missed the banquet to finish my p-sets. Ironically, I had won the attendance award, but I didn’t find this out until the next day until one of the Glee Club members asked me why I wasn’t at the banquet.

HUF also finished up last week; the leadership team for next year met last Tuesday to discuss our plans for the upcoming year. Even though there is a lot of work ahead of us, I think we have a good group.

Looking ahead, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to either transport my stuff back to California or store it with some one here. By my estimation, I’ve acquired a full suitcase worth of objects, and those things are going to have to go somewhere. I also have a ton of food still,but I’m planning on cooking it or giving it away in the next few days. I also need to get a haircut, because it has gotten warm in the last week. Spring is such a nice season, but I do have to deal with allergies and humidity now. Still, it’s nice to see the grass again. It’s amazing how fast grass grows back if it has enough water.

It sounds like the church retreat was a lot of fun. I still remember the one we went on back when Pastor Fields was still head of the Palo Alto site. I’m glad you got to take a weekend away from the craziness of school. I know with trips like those school is always looming over your head, but hopefully you found some time to relax.

Unless I don’t have internet access, I should be able to write from HUF Summer Conference and Commencement Choir, so let’s just keep this up until I get back home. Deal? Also, you get to write the 40th post. Lucky you.



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