WuToWu #38: Cheap Ice cream and work forms

Hello Curtis,

I hope all of your shows went well. Reading about the hi-jinks that go on when putting on a show reminded me of our theater. I’m very excited for next year’s productions!

As you know, your family headed up to Santa Cruz to enjoy the church retreat at Mount Hermon. Along with the dense redwood forests, many spiders that occupied our room, and good food, I was able to enjoy the wonderful speaker and get to know the other teens better. Oh! and the ice cream. I guess it deserves a little bit more of an explanation than that. So Marianne’s Ice Cream has a shop underneath the dining hall. For only two dollars, one can get approximately three scoops of ice cream. Two Dollars! Now, I’m on taper for a big swim meet so I was supposed to eat healthy. ~cries~ but I so dearly wanted to try their “10-20” ice cream which, as their website reads, “consists of caramel ice cream, fudge, and Oreo cookies.” That all sounds so good. ~sighs hungrily~

I did in fact do others things besides become infatuated with ice cream. Your sister and I did a ropes course. It was very much like the one in Victoria but instead of being a linear path, it was in a web pattern in order to let people not have to wait for others. We did most of them, including some where there was little more than rope to hold on to, but the hardest one was where there were “cookies” logs tied to the bottom of knotted rope. There were about 8 of these ropes placed about two feet apart. I tried to employ the “gymnasium wrap yourself around the rope and hold on for dear life” method. It kinda worked. After I while I found that if I grabbed both ropes with each hand, I could swing my feet from the previous one to the next all super spidey and what not.

After coming home, I was faced with a plethora of paperwork. To be more concise, work forms. *bangs head against wall repeatedly* It isn’t the first time that I’ve filled out these forms, but it become increasingly frustrated when you have to fill out so many zeros. Also, it is interesting to read all the legal jargon about things. Makes one feel so *sophisticated* until I have to ask Dad what my social security number is of course.

School is finally on the down hill but that just means that the work load is speeding up. AP testing has taken over the library and many of the portables and it unfortunately welcomes in the thought that that will be me next year. Even without AP testing, I have my own fair share of tests coming up, so I’m going to go study now.



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