WuToWu #37: 3,2,1 Read!

Hi Jessica,

I have three more days of classes before reading period starts. While I might end up even more busy during reading period than I am during classes, it still feels like a significant step.

I love how you have become obsessed with showtunes at the same time I’m doing my first college musical production. Take a listen to the Once Upon a Mattress soundtrack. I’m playing Sir Harry, so I have “In a Little While” and “Yesterday I Loved You” stuck in my head most of the time. It’s been fun, and a little strange getting back into the theater scene. I realized that there are certain eccentricities all theater people seem to share, and I’ll have a sense of deja vu which is sparked by the strangest things. I still have four more shows, so there’s lots of room for improvement, and more mistakes.

A few interesting moments from opening night: a vase we thought was plastic was actually glass and broke on stage, we hauled 10 extra-long mattresses around stage, and the director (who is also acting in the show) accidentally opened, then closed the curtain before intermission. Also, I met a student whose parent is of one of the organizers of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. So that was cool.

Also, it was Visitas this past weekend! Since I didn’t come out for my Visitas, it was interesting to see all the prospective students. I hosted a guy, as did my roommate. Since there are so many events going on, we actually haven’t seen either of them too much. I did get to meet a few people through HUF. We had a barbeque lunch yesterday and the activities fair today, and ended up with a good number of sign-ups. I’m looking forward to next year with HUF (although I’m a little terrified of leading music).

As far as driving goes, here’s the first lesson. Don’t hold the steering wheel too tightly.

Finally, a song:

Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.


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