WuToWu #35: AHHHHHH!

Hi Jessica,

First, thanks for sharing the pictures of spring break. It looked like a lot of fun, and my friend from San Diego was happy you got to visit his home city.

The reason for my caveman scream is that I have way too much on my plate. I have an essay due on Friday, an a cappella jam on Saturday, church tear down on Sunday, presentations next Monday and next Thursday, and tech week for the show coming up. Visitas is next weekend, and the end of the school is bringing numerous final projects and exams.

On the bright side, I think I may have finally learned my lesson.

Back in the good old high school days, I also did a lot of activities, secure in the fact that Mom and Dad were there to make sure I was staying healthy, eating right, and getting enough sleep and exercise. It was a good time to explore a bunch of different things without thinking about what kind of routine I preferred. Now that I’ve had to take more responsibility for establishing my own routine, I’ve gotten better at recognizing when I’m happy with my routine, and when I’m too busy. If you couldn’t tell, right now, I am too busy.

That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying all the things I’ve been doing. It’s been fun getting acquainted with the theater community here, and as you know, I enjoy singing at all hours of the day. However, these extracurricular activities often take up more time than my classes do. (This is not a unique problem, see the Crimson article on extracurriculars.) I also haven’t had a lot of time to hang out with my friends because I’ve been rushing from one thing to another.

As the school year starts to wrap up, I’ve started to reflect on my college experience thus far and resolved that I will be involved in fewer activities next year. Since this is a big step for a graduate of the school of do-as-many-things-as-possible, I thought I would share that resolution with you all.

As for your assignment…the last two have been literary in tone, so I thought I would change things up. I want you to conduct a poll on whether New York, NY or Paris, France is the better city. To be thorough, please survey a wide variety of people and be somewhat methodologically rigorous. As always there is no time limit. Good luck!



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