WuToWu #34: A Big Rock, Baby Animals, and Cheap PMT

Hi Curtis!

Sorry for the long break, but posting on sketchy hotel wifi wasn’t going to happen. And yes, I am late so I await your punishment. Onto vacation!

First we stopped in Morrow Bay which is essential a town built around a giant rock.


While you can’t climb on the rock itself, we did kayak as well as take a boat tour to see more of the wildlife around the bay. It was interesting to see that a town had popped up around the rock. It seemed like everything was focused toward it and the ocean.

As we were planning on going to our cousins’ house, we were told to visit a place called “Madonna Inn”. No, not that Madonna, but for a rancher who’s last name was Madonna. The place was very kitschy and Disneyworld-y (which of course meant that Dad didn’t like it)


But the cake was delicious. And huge. Or was is delicious because it was huge?


After this, we went to our cousins’ house where we did a puzzle.


Yours truly did the star and most of Mario’s hat.

From there, we left for San Diego. Since we got to our hotel around 3 pm, we decided to go the outlets which were right next to the American/Mexican border.


The next day we went to the famous zoo. Not suprisingly, it took us a good 6 hours to gt through everything but seeing all of the baby animals made it well worth the visit.


Baby Hippo ft. Momma Hippo

Finally, we went to LA to visit more relatives. We went to a Chinese restaurant and I couldn’t help but look for chinglish discrepancies.


And even though we were only there for one night, it would be complete without getting PMT. Thus:


CVS thingy for scale

I hope that college is going well. Now that we’re in the fourth quarter it seems like summer is right around the corner. ~summer~

One more thing: there is a disturbing lack of greens in your diet.



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