WuToWu #32: But Gandhi was like “Nah man”

Hey Curtis!

Many of your former classmates have been populating my school now that they are on spring break. It’s been fun reading about your travels. I do hope that you have been sweating proportionally to the amount of food that you were eating. I think I told Mom that you should call it “Eating my way through the South” instead of whatever you actually called it.

The swim season is going swimmingly. *pun intended* one thing that has started is that it’s becoming an issue for me to question my abilities and training when I don’t see results that I want. At the last meet, I didn’t go quite as fast as I would have liked to and I kept thinking “Was there a time when I could have pushed myself harder?” or “Maybe I should have done ____ instead of ____”.  I’m sure you remember when I so gracefully fell on my face in LA while trying to quote Effie Trinket. Two weeks ago, I tripped when running the stairs and managed to re-injure it. I’ve been trying to walk the fine line between slacking off and further injuring myself. Obviously, doubting oneself is not a good thing to do especially in a sport where a good section of it comes from self-confidence.

Since I’m in the fourth quarter of my sophomore year and the torture they call “Junior Year” is right around the corner, I’m trying to finalize my summer work schedule, study for the SAT/APUSH, and try to learn to drive a car. I’ve also come to the conclusion that summers stop being fun after you turn 15. Either that, or I will somehow become extremely good at managing my time. Hopefully the latter.

Today I was reviewing for my India history test and while my friends agreed that listening to me explain the salt monopoly was quite entertaining, I’m not sure higher ups would agree that “Well the British had made it impossible for the Indians to harvest salt so Gandhi was like “nah man” and marched to the sea with a bunch of people and picked some up and got arrested cause…yeah. But all these international papers were there and were like “hey Britain, y’all are hypocrites” and pretty much peer pressured them into given them back their salt. And that’s how it happened.” is the best way to learn. I don’t know, maybe I would be a good teacher.

Alright, enough about moi, here is your challenge:

A day in the life of you: preferably with pictures. I know that with writing we do talk about what stood out in our lives but I would like to see an every day schedule for you. (And don’t even think of pretending that you go to bed before midnight.)



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