HGC in the South: Day 8

Day 8:

On to Naples! The drive took a little under three and a half hours, including a 40 minute stop for lunch.As is tradition, we watched Mean Girls on the way down, and I studied for my midterm some more and caught up on some sleep.

We arrived at Moorings Presbyterian Church around 2:30 PM, which is an enormous complex with choir and handbell rehearsal rooms, a ballroom, and a 750 person sanctuary. This would be the last time we would see our tour bus, and I was not sad to see it go. The toilet was starting to stink. We had a little bit of time to relax, but then it was onto rehearsal at 3 PM.

Moorings Sanctuary

Moorings Sanctuary

For the first time, the Glee Club would be performing Thomas Tallis’ Lamentations, on which I was singing alto. We had to refresh our memories of the renaissance style of singing, so most of the rehearsal time was spent doing that. By the end of rehearsal, it was sounding pretty good. Of course, the acoustics of the space helped a lot as well.

After rehearsal, we had dinner with the Harvard Club of Naples in the ballroom. We got the chance to talk to some alumni; one of them was there at the same time as Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, which I found astounding. I also found it somewhat interesting that my house, Quincy, was not yet built when some of these people had gone to Harvard.

I put on my tails after dinner and waited for the concert to start. We walked in to a full house, and the first half of the concert went well, even the Tallis. I was concerned that my voice would crack on some of the lower alto entrances, but it held up, and the piece held up as well.

Lite was going to perform after intermission, so I gave my music to one of the people who would normally stand next to me when we were on stage. I suppose I should have told him that I would need my music after the Lite performance, because when the rest of the choir came on stage, he had left it in the rehearsal room. Now, this wasn’t too bad. We had been singing for the past six days, so I was very familiar with the music, and even the longer pieces we were performing were mostly memorized. However, there was one instance where I really needed a folder.

Apparently it is tradition to have a “tour prank” during the last concert of tour; in this case, we were going to perform the monk’s chant from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the one that goes, “Pie Jesu Domine” *whack* “Dona eis requiem” *whack*

I would need my folder for the part where we hit our heads with them. Instead, I just used my hands, and that probably added to the comedic value of the prank. Another humorous instance came when we honored our conductor for a great tour. We gave him a bouquet of flowers, with a fish stuck inside it. A real fish.

As is now routine, we met back in the sanctuary to meet our hosts, and it turned out that I had unknowingly eaten dinner with one of my hosts. Everyone was very happy to have had such a great final concert, and we’re looking forward to the next day, where we have NO singing obligations. Hooray!


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