HGC in the South: Day 7

Day 7:

We left Orlando in the morning for Tampa. Thankfully, the drive was much shorter than the one from Charleston, so we arrived at the University of South Florida just before lunchtime. We ate lunch in their very nice student center, then some people went to play frisbee. I studied for organic chemistry.

At 2 PM, we had a rehearsal/masterclass with the Director of Choral Studies at the University of South Florida, Dr. James Bass. We got a tour of their new music building, which has several large rehearsal spaces and practice rooms which are isolated from each other.Their concert hall was just finished 4 years ago, and it had a much different sound and feel than Sanders Theatre. Dr. Bass is an expert on Johannes Brahms, so he led us in a rehearsal of the Alto Rhapsody. One of the interesting things that I learned was that Brahms abhorred a steady tempo. He led us through some sections of the Rhapsody to try moving faster and slower.

St. John's Episcopal

St. John’s Episcopal

After the rehearsal at USF, we moved the St. John’s Episcopal Church, the site of that night’s concert. We ate a quick dinner, rehearsed, and then it was time for the concert. We got the chance to see the USF chamber choir perform, which was really amazing. The program for tonight was a bit shorter than our previous concerts because we were performing jointly with USF, and that made it a bit easier on our voices. I had a great time, and I was happy to see my Aunt and Uncle in attendance at the concert, whom I had not seen since last summer. Of note during this concert: I sang in the Glorious Apollo solo group for the first time! I was singing the bass part, so there were a few shaky parts, but otherwise, it was a lot of fun.

Immediately after the concert, Lite recorded a 50th wedding anniversary video for a couple, singing “Danny Boy” and “Moon River.” As we walked back from the recording, we heard cheers coming from the dressing room. Harvard was playing UNC in March Madness, and was up by 2 points with a minute left.

Our hosts picked us up straight from the concert, and as we pulled out of the parking space, Harvard missed a last-second 3 pointer to upset UNC. We watched the replay at our host’s house, just to relive the torture again. Then we went to sleep.


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