HGC in the South: Day 3

It’s getting late, so I’m going to make this one a bit shorter.

Day 3: Sunday morning we left our hosts’ house for the last time and loaded our luggage aboard our tour bus. We spent Sunday morning at three churches: The First African Baptist Church in Georgia, the Catholic cathedral, and an Episcopalian church. The African Baptist service was pretty fun. Lots of improvisatory singing, hand shaking, and exclamation. After the third church performance, we ate a light lunch with the congregation at the house General Sherman used as headquarters during his occupation of Savannah.

General Sherman's HQ

General Sherman’s HQ

In that afternoon we went to another wreath-laying ceremony, this time at Fort Pulaski, where we met with the Savannah State Chorus to honor Edward Everett and General Pulaski. FXH was there, as he was at all the prior church services, to give a speech about…well, you should know by now. Savannah State sang “Rockin’ Jerusalem,” which featured an amazing soprano soloist. For all you Paly Choirs Alumni, no, it was not the same arrangement. But they knocked it out of the park.

Before starting for Charleston, we stopped by the Unitarian Universalist church where James Pierpont was supposed to have written “Jingle Bells.” It had been a long day already, so we were all happy when one of the HGC members who had family in the area, brought Krispy Kreme donuts for the choir. When we went into the church, we sang in a circle surrounding the audience, which was an interesting experience. The acoustics were good, so I was able to hear everyone.

The drive to Charleston took some time due to traffic. Some people slept, some played Cards Against Humanity, and that helped past the time until we arrived in Charleston. Upon meeting our hosts, we went out to dinner, then headed back to our respective houses.

Tomorrow: exploring Charleston!


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