WuToWu # 30.5: That Bubble Sonnet You Wanted

Alright, so I’m not great at writing poetry but I’ve given it a shot. Also, coinciding with the rules of a Shakespearean sonnet, each line is 10 syllables long and the end words rhyme in the pattern ABABCDCDEFEFGG.

Plastic Bubbles on Plastic Gifts

By: Jessica Wu

Bubble wrap you are so very helpful,

So full of joy and hope and mainly air,

Whenever I get worried and doubtful,

about the amount of money for fare,

the bubbles with their squishy plushy curves,

warrior armor but of course: plastic,

this of course calms all of my frazzled nerves,

for wrapping there’s no need to get drastic

never a worry about the package

for I have much faith in you bubble wrap

and you have no emotional baggage

which makes decoration a complete snap

also popping you brings me so much joy

thanks for letting me use you as a toy


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