WuToWu #28: Le Petit Prince, Communism, and Why Is It so COLD?!?!

You thought I would forgot again? Haha NOPE.

In french class we just finished reading “Le Petit Prince” which ends on such a sad note it makes you question if it is something that should be read by french primary school children. *Spoiler Alert* WHY THE SNAKE WHY THE BITING WHY IS HIS TINY BODY SO HEAVY. One thing that I liked was how at the beginning, the adults or (grand personnes) are shown as being naive and ignorant. in return, Saint Exupery feels knowledgeable which is kinda like a call to action for children.

Another call to action for children was….Mao’s Cultural Revolution! Yep, I just compared a children’s novel to communism. I went there. I have to say it was very interesting to watch the videos of these people pledging their undying love for a political system which would eventually kill over 24 million of them. ~Plot Twist~

Another thing was that since we were learning about communism in history, the social studies department played a cruel trick on the sophomores. They made a canned food drive where each can is rewarded with a donut and the class with the most cans receives a pizza party. Here’s a link to the site if you want to check it out: here. So all the classes dutifully drop of cans and try to estimate the number of doughnuts they’re going to get. Then the project ends and another teacher comes to our classroom with news. (Now of course I’m ad-libbing because I didn’t write these down but this is pretty much what they said.) “Oh thank you for your generous donation of 52 cans…The poor starving masses of juniors and seniors did not bring cans and so we are going to give them your donuts. But here are 8 tiny donut holes to make up for it!”


Of course, my class wasn’t the most enthusiastic of all the classes, and for the class that brought in over 600 cans, well let’s just say the word “riot” might be suitable for their reaction. Ahh, communism.

Lastly, I had my first meet of the season. It was a triple meet against both Menlo and Menlo-Atherton. It was pretty overcast for most of the meet and the clouds started to creep closer as the afternoon went on but I thought it went pretty well. One incident happened when I got up to race the 100 breaststroke. Because it’s a high school meet and organisation is not it’s strong point, I knew what I was swimming and what heat I was, but not what lane I was. So the junior varsity boys finish and I’m scrambling around looking at all the papers, looking for the one with my name on it. Finally just when I think I’ve found it they specifically ask each swimmer their name. Reminder, it’s 6:30 and cold. So as my muscles freeze up I’m also having an identity crises. WHO AM I? MAYBE MY NAME ISN’T JESSICA.

Overall, I’ve had a pretty good past two weeks. I hope you’ve had enough food and whatnot to get you through all the snow. Stay warm!



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