WutoWu #26: Course Selections and Other Things that are going Swimmingly *Pun Edition*

Hey Curtis,

This past week, we were given the trademark green pamphlets that bring the two words that strike fear in the heart of every second semester sophomore: Course Selection. Yes, it is the time to possibly doom myself to a year of pain and struggles.

I’ve decided to only take one AP (though there are other Honor classes), so in a toss up between French 4AP and AP US History, APUSH apushed its way to the top. Hehe apushed. Also in a lack of classes to take, I’m hopefully going to be taking two English electives so if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears. Since I’m not the biggest faun of biology or have the greatest reaction to chemistry, I’m going to take regular physics. At least this will hopefully give me time to do my English 11H and Intro to Calc/Analysis homework.

Hopefully you can give me an idea of the homework load next year as well as on those summer readings. (It’s like that song summer lovin’ but without the fun.)

I’ve dived into the swim season, so early morning practices and the constant smell of chlorine has become de rigeur. It’s going swimmingly, minus the cold hard fact that neither of my arms can lift more than 12.5 pounds. Since I’ve switched to contacts, my goggles have turned me into a reverse raccoon.

I have to say that there is something theraputic about jumping into a cold pool at 6 in the morning. Of course, the entire time you are biking in the pitch black and taking off the mountain of clothes that you are wearing you’re muttering under your breath, “So NOT worth it.” But once you get in and warmed up, there’s a certain sense of peace (dare I say pretentiousness?) from achieving something so early when the majority is still sleeping. The magic usually wears off around noon when you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of a lesson about logarithms. (Don’t worry, I managed to stave it off until 7th period when I promptly took a nap in the library.)

I hope you’re doing well and that YOU’RE FINALLY BACK IN CLASS. (Yes I’ve gotten all of your snarky texts about having days off.) I’m also hoping that these puns will hide the fact that this post is long overdue.



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