WuToWu #24: The Same Yet Different

Trigger Warning: Depression and Suicide

After posting the post on the suicide of a junior at Gunn High School, I sighed a breath of relief that it was finally over. Alas, it was not.

On Saturday 24, a high school senior from Gunn committed suicide.

This is not the first for the school, not a first in past years, not even the first in this past school year. 

After the death of junior Cameron Lee in November, the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) called for changes. The organization Savethe2008 (2,008 being the number of students at Gunn) was started. Petitions to lower levels of stress by switching to the block schedule-like Paly’s- were started.

For many, emotions were just beginning to settle when the second tragic event happened. Again, this spurred the call for change.

I walked into my first period class (French) on Monday. In the last five minutes, the teacher read a grammatically incorrect letter that had been “sent out from the district office”. We were told that we were loved and that the district cared about us. Then the bell rung and we were sent on our way to our next class.

Personally, I would have like to see a bit more effort to have gone into addressing this. An impersonal letter from the higher ups isn’t going to do much for someone who has lost someone. Some of my teachers took time out of their lesson to talk to us. But for most, there were things to be taught and assessments to take. Things just kept moving.

Another point brought up by many that attended/attend Gunn is that there is more to a student’s life than school. Obviously, school plays an important role since we spend a large portion of our day there. Here you can read more about what students said at the board meeting that was held.

I’d hate to end a post on such a sad note, so here’s some more stuff about what’s going on here.

This week was that week when all of your classes’ units have ended so the next logical step is…Assessments! So today and tomorrow I have tests in all of my classes (except French). There has been a steep rise of caffeine intake but I’m almost to the weekend so things are looking up.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to eat less meat. So far, I’ve usually limited to a small portion once a day though I’m currently on a no-meat streak for the past couple days. (There’s been a jump in tofu and yogurt consumption though.)

I hope that the snow isn’t hindering your spirits but judging by your Facebook pictures, you seem to be doing just fine.

I’ve just come to the realization that this is my first post here of the new year thanks to your incredibly lengthy winter break. It’s saddening that it has to be on such a difficult topic, but if anything it accentuates the importance of it.



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