WuToWu #23: Harvard Museum of Natural History

Hi Jessica!

It feels like only a few days ago that I saw you. Because it was a few days ago! Yesterday I went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History because I didn’t have anything better to do, and had already watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec. Here’s what I saw:

Glass Flowers: These flowers were created for scientific purposes. The glassblowers did a good job, because the flowers were almost too life-like. I had an extremely difficult time remembering that they were glass, because they looked like plants that were just cut a few days ago. This made the exhibit less visually interesting (think about the Chihuly flowers for comparision), or maybe I was just expecting something else. After all, there is a difference between art and science.

2015-01-22 12.40.28 2015-01-22 12.43.12 2015-01-22 12.44.59Earth and Planetary Science: Rocks! I forgot how much I enjoyed looking at rocks and minerals. It was also cool to see many of the same compounds I had seen in the chemistry lab, this time in their natural state. Barium Sulfate anyone?

2015-01-22 12.49.58Arthropods: Lots of scaly, shelled creatures, of all sizes. Some of them were gross-looking, all of them were amazing. The silkworm exhibit was also interesting. If you think about it, it’s mindboggling that people wear clothes made out of the cocoons of moth pupae. There was also a live whip tail scorpion, but it wasn’t active.

2015-01-22 12.56.32Maine’s Woods: Photographer Scot Miller followed Thoreau’s adventures in Northern Maine. He took some amazing photos, so rather than attempt to record them with my pitiful photography, I took a photo of the exhibit abstract. It was very peaceful.

2015-01-22 13.11.43Paleontology: I felt uneasy when I walked into this exhibit. A sense of awe. I was the only one in this exhibit so it was very quiet, and my only company was the bones of South American mammals. The Giant Sloth was particularly intimidating.

2015-01-22 13.17.59Great Mammal Hall: I let out an audible “wow” when I entered. I am a small person, so I suppose these great mammals look even bigger to me.

2015-01-22 13.30.17I also had my first glee club rehearsal yesterday, with four more to come over the next two days. Check out these songs if you want to listen to what we’ve been working on:


Nanie Nenia

Rhapsodie aus Goethes Harzreise im Winter



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