MostlyUsefulMusings Turns One!

Exactly a year ago, I pulled out my laptop at my cousins’ house in Los Angeles and described my New Year’s resolution for 2014.

Now, I’m at the same house, and due to my failure to think of a New Year’s resolution beforehand, I will not be describing my resolution for 2015. However, I will lay out my hopes for what this blog will become as it moves into its second year. Let’s get started.

It will come as no surprise, but I will be continuing WuToWu as I return to school. In addition to the normal discussions of current events, either personal or public, I will be including a short chemistry lesson. I’ll be taking my first organic chemistry class, and my sister is currently taking her first high school chemistry class. My sister will not be required to reciprocate the chemistry lessons, but I leave her that option, if she wants to take it.

Second, more fiction! This is one area where I haven’t been so consistent. I’ve described my complicated relationship with writing fiction in earlier posts, but I’m going to keep practicing. It probably won’t be a periodical type story, because it’s difficult to maintain a thread and build a plot of that length. There will be more short stories, or even character sketches, brief dialogues, or scene descriptions. Rather than a comprehensive story, these posts will probably be components of a story.

Finally, I want to write more authoritatively. I phrase a lot of the sentences in this blog as opinions, but it makes the writing seem weak. Additionally, the fact that this is a blog demonstrates implicitly that all the posts are essentially op-eds. Therefore, there will be less equivocating, and more declarative sentences. Yes!

So: an educational addition to WuToWu, an increase in fiction, and a change in style. We’ll see how well I can achieve this in the weeks to come. Until then, Happy New Year!



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