WutoWu #21: Observations

Hi Jessica,

Now that we’ve gotten into the last bit of the first semester, it can be hard to step back from the homework, projects, and tests (and illnesses) to take a lot around and realize that there’s a lot of beautiful things in our everyday lives. So, while working on my take-home final, I decided to record some of the beautiful things that I’ve observed in the past 24 hours.

  1. The way the first snowfall can turn a bunch of stressed out students into grade school kids in the playground. Of course, it’s all rain now, but that snowball fight was awesome.
  2. The stained glass windows and wood ornamentation in Annenberg.
  3. The amount of good music which is easily accessible to us, like A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, which was recorded 50 years ago on this day.
  4. The really good hot chocolate my friends made last night.
  5. It Feels Like Christmas from A Muppet Christmas Carol.
  6. The decorations in the Kirkland House dining hall.
  7. The view from the Science Center observatory.
  8. The fact that one of the vents in the room is emitting cool air, while the other one is emitting hot air.
  9. The way the rain flows down the street into the storm drains.
  10. The simplicity of a clean white board, and the knowledge that on the other side is a drawing of a cow.
  11. Knowing that you had a puppy to cheer you up when you were sick.

I hope you’re starting to feel better, and that you have some time to enjoy the Christmas season in between all the schoolwork. Finals are looming, but I know that I’ll be flying home soon after. That’s kind of beautiful too. Here’s a motivational penguin:

Formaggio di Fossa.


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