WuToWu #18: Turkey Feast and Being Sick

Hi Curtis,

I’m writing this during a break from writing my To Kill A Mockingbird essay. Yay procrastination!

I’ve been a little sick this past week, but I have a feeling it was due more because of sleeping for 4 hours a night for the past week and less because of being *actually* sick. ~sniffles~ But then again, Mom also might have given me some sort of bug. Probably half and half.

Anyways, on Friday, we have our high school’s turkey feast which I’m looking forward to. (Almost) free food and extended lunch? Yes please!

Speaking of upcoming events, ARE YOU EXCITED FOR PLAY IN A DAY?!?!?!?!?!?

certainly am. Even more than finals. (Well that’s kinda a given.)

Classes are winding down and I’ve found that this semester has flown by seemingly pretty fast. This makes me both worry and have hope for junior year. (Maybe I CAN survive APUSH)

In math, asymptotes have divided and conquered my life.  My math teacher has made some delightful analogies that apparently teach lessons not only in the classroom, but in life as well. An example:

*ahem* “If you’re on a point AND an asymptote, you have to break up first, and then get back together.” (starts to sing T Swizzle’s song.)

Oooh, nice lead in to the next topic that I wanted to write about.

As, you may have noticed, Taylor Swift released her new album “1989” and because I am a teenage girl, it has been thrown in my face on all social media platforms.

I haven’t heard all of the songs on the album (unless you count Superfruit’s medley-which I don’t) I would have to say that my favorite is “Blank Space” simply because of the irony that she’s trying to convey as well as that catchy, poppy beat.

Man I am just falling neatly into all the stereotypes. Well I tried.



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