WutoWy #16: Sad Times and Show Times

Trigger Warning: Suicide and Depression

Hi Curtis,

This past week, a student in our school district committed suicide. The student was an athlete and well liked; he was happy. Supposedly. One thing that I am annoyed by is our school districts lack of action prior to this. As you know there were suicide clusters in both past and recent years. Throughout all of this, there has been a rise in adolescent counseling, guidance for teens, but with this incident: Is it really working?

Personally, I feel that it’s not that we need to be able to help cut down on the amount of depressed teens here, we need to not cause them to become depressed. While depression is not caused solely by school per se, it plays a big part in our lives. And for many, it often becomes more of a deal than it really is. I’m hoping that our school system will take this to heart and makes some big changes because I can tell you we need it.

While trying to figure out how I felt about this, I didn’t feel much on a personal level. I had never talked to this student before, but just the fact that they were living the same life as me, going to the same places, learning the same things is enough. The biggest shock for me is the realization that there are birthdays that will never celebrated, happy times that will not happens, and lives that will remain unchanged due to one person’s decision.


On a slightly happier note, I completed your challenge of reading “magic” by Shel Silverstein. While I have no video photogenic as this was done “5 to places” (“thank you 5”) I do have some comments.

Kathy: “Wow…just wow.” *awkward silence*

Nina: “Well that was interesting.”

Side note: I did it in a Miranda voice. If you don’t know who that is, youtube it.


As you might have noticed by your facebook feed being flooded by this, Server opened on Tuesday. Opening night went well albeit a lack of audience. There was about a 1:1 cast to audience ratio, so actor moral was a little low. We’re just about to start the show and with the knowledge that a good number of tickets have been sold, I have a feeling that it should go pretty well. (Knock on wood.)



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