WutoWu #12: I’M LATE I KNOW

I know I was supposed to write by yesterday, but between tech, school, and tacos, there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I didn’t want to write from the rose coloured views of a long weekend (thank goodness for teacher work days) so we’ve finally gotten back into the war torn landscape of school.
In tech, we are going to go see Sweeney Todd in mountain view next Thursday. I’ve don’t really know much about the play but here’s my thoughts on what it is:
There’s this dude (let’s name him bob). And bob lives happily with his family, his cute and stereotypical wife and adorable and smelly child. Then the judge in the town (we’ll call him billy) comes and takes a hankering to bob’s wife. So billy pulls up some charges and sends Bob to Australia to be eaten by the multitudes of scary animals that roam the land. Years pass, the child becomes less and than more smelly, and Bob comes back to Britain. Oh yeah, that’s where this entire kerfuffle happens. Bob changes his name to (you guessed it) Sweeney Todd, and takes his revenge by GOING ON A MURDEROUS RAMPAGE AND KILLS THE ENTIRE TOWN. To be honest, I don’t really know what happens at the end besides it’s quite violent and gory so I think my ending is very fitting.
Well, that’s to come. What’s happened so far?
James Franco made a surprise appearance at paly. He was painting a mural on the student centre. While I was slightly star struck, it was quite underwhelming because honestly, if someone hadn’t told me it was him, he looked exactly like any other guy. (Minus the swarm of freshman girls taking all the selfies).
Sorry for the short post, but….school. *sigh*
Oh one more thing: mom says you should change your sheets.



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