WuToWu #9: Rejection

Hi Jessica,

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I hope your Socratic seminar was a good experience. It’s good to hear about your academic work. I particularly liked the French section, because I haven’t had much time to read French things. However, there are a few French speakers in my dorm, so I might use it a bit more in the future. I just learned that there are going to be “language tables” at the dining hall, where people speak a specific language. I might do that as well.

Now that my schedule has settled into place, I’ll be going to Glee Club on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, cleaning bathrooms on Tuesday afternoons, and shooting arrows on Saturday mornings. Tech work hasn’t started yet, but that should be coming up in the next few weeks.

However, there are a few things I won’t be doing. I won’t be singing in a strictly a cappella group, and and I won’t be acting in a show, at least for this semester. After thinking about it, I realized that one of the reasons I wanted to do a cappella and theater are because of their exclusionary nature. It can seem like an external validation of one’s worth, but much like college you go to doesn’t define your self-worth, neither should your participation in those activities.

I still find myself susceptible to over-valuing things because they are rare or exclusionary. I do love singing and acting, and would do them even if they were open to everyone, but I find myself enjoying membership in an exclusive group when I really shouldn’t. That’s why rejection is a good way to check that instinct. It could also make you rich.


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My workload has increased over the last week, so with Harvard become a little less novel and a little more stressful, I could use a way to relax. I can definitely relate to your swimming experience; my preferred method of cutting out space is taking a walk by myself. The walks provide the same sort of meditative escape that swimming gives to you.

Also, thanks for buying “The Big Bang Theory” on iTunes. I’ve made use of it to take study breaks.

One last thing. I know you have tech week coming up for the show soon, so if you could, can you include some quotes from backstage? Those are always interesting.



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