WuToWu #8: A borrowed Penny, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and Burritos in the Car

Hi Curtis,

As you can see, I’ve taken the liberty of taking a full week to respond. Nah, it’s more because I’ve been pretty busy. Doing homework. Eating. Doing homework and eating.

I’ve dropped art class as taking 9 classes was an enormous task and obviously one that I am unfit to take. And unlike last year, I’m actually utilizing my 7th prep. (I know. I lucked out. *again*) At least this way I can get credit for Stage Tech where the Stinky Cheese Man backdrop is almost done and tech week looms.

Today I went to the Cold Stone Creamery at T&C where I spent 3 gift cards and one borrowed penny to pay for my milkshake. I’m not sure if the cashier found it annoying or amusing. Most likely both.

Ok, on to a less random list of things that happened this week.

In two of my classes I’m learning about the same thing which is very strange. In English we’re starting “To Kill a Mocking Bird” so we’re doing the requisite background research on the time period. I have a Socratic seminar on the topic tomorrow, so you can #prayforjessica as you know that this endeavor will be challenging for your less than social sister. Then in history, we’re covering the changing voting rights, so we learned about the civil rights movement and Jim Crow Laws. I don’t believe they planned the lessons this way, but it’s lead to several incidents of deja vu for me.

I have a french oral presentation that I need to memorize so in honor of that, this next little bit is en francais.

La présentation est ce que vous voulez faire quand vous êtes plus âgé, mais comment est-on censé répondre? Je ne sais pas que je deviendrai travailler quand je suis trés âgé?!

Ok. I’m good.

Obviously, my french skills are still very limited and I can only express emotions as well as a 3 year old in a different language. (This has lead to the chronic questioning of “Why am I in French 3H? But I digress)

As you’ve might have seen, Mom’s posted old pictures of us. I think she might be going through early onset empty nest syndrome. Thoughts?

The sun’s setting earlier and earlier and for swimming that means I can wear non-tinted goggles the entire practice and not worry about being blinded every time I do backstroke. There’s another nice thing about swimming, it’s very calming. There’s really not much to do when you’re simply staring at the small black line for hours at a time. Well obviously there’s technique to be thinking about and how much effort you’re putting into the set, but there’s also time to think about picking up a burrito on the way home. So I know it’s getting pretty cold over there at Cambridge, but once it warms up, going for a swim is a good stress reliever.

Alright, I need to go memorize this french thing.



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