WuToWu #7: Adventures in Cambridge

Hi Jessica,

I was planning on putting off this post until I have some more interesting things to tell you, but since the weekly deadline is going to be up tomorrow (by my time), I decided I would have to do a less informative, but still moderately interesting, post.

First, yesterday was 9/11. Harvard had a little ceremony to remember the people killed in the attacks, but I missed it because I was doing math homework. I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not spending some time today thinking about 9/11. It’s had such a large impact on the US, especially during our lifetimes. It’s incredible to think that it happened 13 years ago.

On a much lighter note, I’ve gotten lost a few times. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to have to get used to a new environment and create a new mental map of my surroundings. The first time I got lost, I was on my way to Winthrop house for Dorm Crew. I thought it was farther West than it actually was, so I ended up walking all the way through the JFK courtyard and looping back around past Eliot house. That took about thirty minutes, but I’m going to clean tomorrow, and I now that I know how to get there, it will be a lot faster.

The second time I got lost was on my way to Quincy house. I knew on the map where it was, but I didn’t know how to get in. Even though Quincy takes up a whole block, you can only get into the courtyard from one side and only two of the sides have flags telling you that it is in fact Quincy house. This issue was resolved much more quickly than the previous one because I saw Leverett House and knew I had gone too far. Still, it was a bit of an issue.

One more adventure. Last night, I went out with a few people on a study break to Insomnia Cookies around 12:30. One of my classmates was wearing his bathrobe, so his roommate decided to wear sunglasses and a winter hat with ear flaps so the other guy won’t feel awkward. We were an interesting group of people.Anyway, Insomnia cookies is basically like CREAM except they specialize in cookies, which are delicious. One of my friends postulated that they only turn the oven up halfway, because the cookies are crunchy on the edges but extremely gooey in the middle. They were good.

Now that I’m talking about food, I suppose I should mention that I have now consumed two types of PMT and a slush from the Boston Tea Stop, and they were quality. Not quite as good as Verde, but what do you expect.

Anyways, thanks for telling me about your Scott Pilgrim experience (if you haven’t seen the movie, you should) and I hope you will soon unlock the achievement for Compliment on Technical Theatre Work. More interesting developments to follow.



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