WutoWu #6: Academic Pseudo-Achievements and Argo

Hi Curtis!

This week I reached a new academic achievement. Well, it’s not really an achievement. Pretty much, I’ve fallen into the stereotypical quiet kid who has a hard time taking multiple choice tests. And this is why my history teacher called mom. 

This is how it would go if life was a video game:

“Congratulations Jessica, you have unlocked SUPER AWKWARD CONVERSATION BETWEEN TEACHER AND PARENT. Because of your amazing work, here are 25 Embarrassing points to be used for whatever you want.” Ding!

Ok, now I’m going to violently shove that memory into the recesses of my brain. 

Yesterday night, I watched Argo (because our sister is on some choir trip) and I found it to be really interesting.

I understand how the Iranian people wanted the Shah back because of all the terrible things that he had done, but what I don’t understand is why the US government put him in power in the first place. I understand that someone needed to be in control, but did the guy show no sign of being a power hungry maniac? (Whose wife liked to bathe in milk? (Kinda gross if you ask me)).

Another thing is that I felt anxious just watching the movie. *Spoiler Alert*

(For dramatic effect try to read the following grammatically incorrect sentence by getting faster and faster)

For example, when they are trying to get through immigration and they keep cutting to the guy who figures out that it’s a ruse and then they finally board the plane and the troops are trying to get out to the runway and then they’re in jeep and the plane is trying to take off and the guys in the jeep are yelling in farsi and getting super mad and then and then and then and then

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that alcoholic beverages are now being served as we have cleared Iranian airspace.”

Cut over to me hyperventilating and cowering behind a wall of blankets and pillows.



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